Trident flight deck fittings

These aircraft split pad eye tie-downs consist of an installed deck fixture and a removable anchor with eye. They are designed to enhance the safety of a flight deck and reduce maintenance. When flight operations are completed, the anchors are quickly removed without tools for storage. The fixed bases are sealed, flush, and attractive in appearance. When tie downs are needed again, the removable fittings are quickly re-inserted into the bases and tightened by hand.

Trident removable post fittings

These hand operated removable posts are a split design consisting of the installed deck fixture and a removable anchoring element. The post design can be customized but they are primarily safety rails manufactured in a standard size of 2". They can be made larger to support awnings and other heavy loads. Each are easily installed when needed and easily removed for storage. Eyes for lifelines, attachment points and even lights can be added.

Trident removable marine bollard

These are removable marine single cross, single post, bollards; each are designed to provide a moorage point when needed but also designed to be easily and quickly removed for storage when not required. They are exceptional in design, are versatile, functional and attractive.

Trident commercial fittings

These are general purpose split pad eye tie downs consisting of an installed deck fixture and a removable eye. They are designed to provide flexibility when securing loads under various conditions and applications. Each is available in six sizes to secure loads from 3,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds. (Single point load inside parenthesis) When multiple fittings are installed over a surface they provide endless tie down options capable of holding many thousand pounds of cargo. When not in use the area is clean, smooth and free from trip hazards. When needed again, the removable fittings quickly re-install into the base.


Trident sealed bases

The sealed base is designed to provide a flush, sealed and water resistant attachment point for any Trident removable anchor. Each are attractive in appearance, superior in design and feature multiple seals to keep water, dirt and corrosion out. Bases are available in flush or adjustable designs. The adjustable version provides the ability to match the height of any wood, stone, metal or non-skid added to the top of a surface. For example they are often used on yachts to match the height of a teak deck.

Trident open bases

The open base was designed to provide a flush or semi flush attachment point for any Trident removable fixture. Water flows through the fitting and can be left to drain overboard or be captured via piping. The units are simple, functional, attractive and safe.

Mil-spec tie down straps

Trident Tie Downs are approved variants of units designed for the U.S. Navy. They are constructed of a proprietary lightweight Kevlar, which is wrapped in a FIREEX exterior cover providing burn protection to 1,700F flame. The strap is fitted to a customized MIL-SPEC mechanism for tensioning and attachment.

Custom trident removable fittings

Trident fittings are adaptable to custom applications such as light post, tender whips and cable standoffs just to mention a few. Contact us about a custom design to meet or exceed your requirements.