Offshore Oil

Like ancient boats before them, modern offshore oil ships, floating platforms, and fixed platforms operate away from land in extremely harsh environments. Success is based on their ability to overcome and minimize the risk of operating in these conditions. As the winds increase and the seas rise, securing items in these environments can be life threatening. Accordingly any new development which makes securing easier, faster, stronger, and more reliable is and should be interesting to all personnel in the industry.

In the offshore industry, proper securing devices are required to effectively operate Heliports, supply vessels, tenders, storage platforms, and cranes. The types of equipment which must be secured or controlled through restraint are numerous. Handrail systems are also often required on each platform. No significant design changes have been implemented to make these tasks easier, faster or safer in the last several decades. Trident Fittings for the offshore industry accomplish this. The designs are crafted from exotic stainless steels to increase strength, reduce footprint, eradicate well know limitations, and are easy to use. Each Trident fitting provides flexibility as one base fitting can be used with multiple attachments. The bases are sealed, smooth, attractive, and require minimal maintenance.

When selecting Trident Fittings during initial construction, the unique cast stainless bases are easily included as part of the building process. And retrofitting is made easy with the help of our design team. Where hot work is no longer allowed, bolt in bases are provided.